Lennon P. Bone

Midwest based composer, musician and producer.

If you're looking for hi-fi recordings, production, editing, or mixing, I'd be happy to take a look at your project. First and foremost, I want YOU to be HAPPY with the outcome… therefor, communication is key. So, hit me up and let's talk about what you're looking to do. If I don't feel the project is a good fit for me, I'll let you know straight away. 

It should be noted that I've assembled a pool of friends that are incredibly talented musically, so if you're looking for extra parts, from guitar, to strings, to horns… to drums, (ahem) I've got you covered. These guys and gals have played with all kinds of cool people, and I have no doubt that you'd be pleased with the outcome. I know I have been, time and time again. 


I'm currently working out of my home studio, Sound and Patterns, as well as Element Recording Studios in Kansas City. These options allow me to track full bands live with great gear, or do overdubs and more basic projects here at the modest space. You can see some pics of the space and gear around this set of text. Don't have the money to get your whole band down to KC? I'm open to coming your way as well. Let's talk. 

I work with ProTools and Logic, so if you're just looking for mixing, transferring files should be easy as pie. I've also got multiple mastering guys that are super reasonable and great.

Pricing will depend on what all the project entails, so fill out the form below and let's chat! Above all, you'll find that my rates are terribly reasonable… especially for what a great guy I am. ;)


**Since people usually want some sort of credentials, I've worked with members of, or former members of the following bands, or with the following artists, in either a collaborative or production type manner. This list is out of necessity, and is not intended to be a "name dropping" type of situation. 

Ha Ha Tonka

Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin

Okkervil River

Murder By Death

Margo May


K. Flay

Doby Watson

The Spring Standards


Making Movies


Hermon Mehari 

The Thunderclaps

The Too's

All photo's are of Element Recording, Kansas City.

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