Lennon P. Bone

Midwest based composer, musician and producer.


Summer is here! The change of seasons are always a time when I start to feel excited and pushed to try new things. In the midst of my current work, I’ve been doing everything I can to expand and get out there to meet and learn from other people in the game, or simply from people that are doing something different than me, but are driven in the same ways. 

I’ve met with other super rad engineers and producers. I’ve met with tech creators. Had google hangs with video producers. I’ve started collaborating with new musicians. I’ve began to open my horizons again and expect growth and expansion in not only my business, but my knowledge. I’m working on a tune with a guy from Australia. I’m making video’s. I’m making lists. Thinking. Working. Composing. Studying. And gardening. :) Yes… aside from time with the family, spending time in the yard has become the go-to wind down. 

I’m also learning how to just put the work down when the day is done. As those of you that work for yourself know, it’s not easy to let the work go at the end of the day, so I’ve been spending more time in outside places to try and allow more separation when it’s needed. There’s also hope for physical expansion in my business in the not so distant future, but there’s still 100 logistical things to work out, so for now I’m just keeping the positive vibes coming. 

There aren’t any newly released projects for me to share this month. I’m working on more content to share that relates to my day to day activities, so hopefully that will be circulating soon.  

In the mean time, go out there and be social. Talk to other people about the things you love. Talk to the one’s that do what you do, and talk to the one’s that don’t. There’s plenty to learn from all of them… but find the one’s that are passionate about what they do. That’s where the inspiration comes from. 

Love to you all.