Lennon P. Bone

Midwest based composer, musician and producer.


Greetings friends, colleagues, clients, people I hope to meet in the future, people who might be from the future, etc.! It is March! Wow. I seriously can’t believe it. As the weather gets warmer, I immediately start to smell Lone Stars and the remanence of stagnant body oder as if I’m already on the streets of Austin for SXSW. Ah, but alas… I’ll miss the festivities this year. Work to do here at home. A great problem to have! Still a bit of a bummer. To those of you that are heading south for the fest, do enjoy what you can! It’s not everyday you get to be crammed in a 10 block (ish) radius with thousands of other people, hoping you don’t get trampled or slapped in the head with some sort of street meat. It’s awesome presence and sheer mass will always hold a strange but special place in my heart. 

The biggest thing that’s happening in the Bone household this month is the opening of my wife's (as well as others) coffee shop, A Cup On The Hill. It’s located in downtown KCK, and the grand opening should be VERY soon! We’ve been moving in a bunch of furniture that she reupholstered, and they’ve been getting all of their ducks in a row. Final inspection was passed yesterday, and it seems like all systems are go. To be clear, this isn’t a typical coffee shop. It’s been Jamie’s goal from day one to have a non-profit, curriculum based shop where inner city kids, kids with disabilities and troubled youth can find their first jobs, and actually learn about the stuff that matters… like managing finances and creating a career path. The shop must become sustainable before the program can be implemented, so if you live in or near Kansas City, KS, please stop in and support! More information can be found at www.acuponthehill.com. You can also find them on Facebook. Plenty of work to be done, and room to grow, but it’s amazing to see this finally getting off the ground!

There’s not much to speak of as far as releases in the last month plus, but work is getting done… rest assured. And I’m alive. Which is nice. 

And rather than spend more time writing about stuff that’s either not been released, or should be worked on, I’m going to just go work on those things! :)

Much love to you all.