Lennon P. Bone

Midwest based composer, musician and producer.


Well, it’s here. The holiday season is upon us, and I’m feeling extremely thankful. It’s a special month for me, because this month marks my official one year anniversary being fully on my own. No agent. No support team. Nobody to blame for anything but me. This is far from my first year in the industry… I think I’ve actually hit 11 years professionally, but I put aside a good thing last year to lean on my own to try and support and be with my family. It’s been a terrifying year, and quite honestly the most rewarding I’ve had in a long time. Now please, don’t read this as me bragging, but I think it’s important that we share our successes. If anything, it’s to show that if I can make this shit work, anybody can. 

A couple of things I’ve learned in the last year. 

  1. Being a parent is the best… 
  2. I’m a professional. I’ve had a hard time saying this in the past, but having nobody else behind the wheel, I can officially say that I am indeed, a professional. I’ve also developed more pride in my work than I’ve had in a long long time, and have tried to use every work opportunity as an opportunity to learn. I owe a huge amount of gratitude to a couple of guys for helping me feel like this. Joel Nanos & David Lizmi. They’ve taken some chances on me and helped me grow, and respecting them both as much as I do has really helped me feel more confident in my work. 
  3. Professionals SHOULD and WILL get paid for the work they do. EVEN IN THE ARTS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? Why am I saying this? Because I hear so many friends complain about not getting paid as a musician or an artist. It’s time you commit and demand it of yourself and others, with both humility and respect for everyone involved in the project. Your circles will change, you just have to change them yourself. 
  4. You can still learn LOTS of new things in your 30’s, and you can still get better at a lot of things. :) 
  5. I’ll always be reaching beyond what my capabilities are, and understand that I always have more room for growth… and I hope that ends up making me better each year that passes. 

To those of you that have worked with me in the past year, thank you a 1000X over. I’ve had so much fun making music with all of you. You have no idea. I’ve done way more projects than I anticipated in my first year, and it’s been a blessing. From the guy that recorded a cover song for his wife, to scoring random video’s, to playing drums on odd gigs and albums, to my favorite regional bands that I’ve gotten to do records and EP’s with, it’s been so fun, and I hope we’ve all learned something from each other. I also hope we get the chance to do more in the next year. You’ve kept me from having to get a “real” job, and you’ve proven to me that being a musician/producer IS a REAL job that is attainable. Most importantly, thank you for seeing value in my work, and I truly hope that I’ve helped you make your project better in some way/shape or form, because you deserve it. We all do. 

As for November, I started a project with Joplin based band, The Too’s. We’re doing a full length, and using some tracks that they recorded with the late Lou Whitney. We’ve still got some tracking to do, but what we’ve done so far sounds great. I can’t wait to see how it all ends up. 

Photo by Elijah Chambers

Photo by Elijah Chambers

We also started tracking a single for a new KC band, The Good Hearts. The project consists of 3 super talented gals, and an interesting arrangement of acoustic guitar, violin, cello and vocals. Working with brand new projects is fun, because we’re all just discovering what the opportunities are. The single should be out soon!

Photo by Roshelle Pekarek

Photo by Roshelle Pekarek

Aside from those things, I started scoring a video for a resort out in Colorado and continue writing commercially.

Guys. I’m so excited about the next year, it’s unbelievable. I can’t wait to make new music with old friends, and new music with NEW people. Here’s to always growing and learning! 

Happy Holidays everybody… and as always, THANK YOU for supporting.