Lennon P. Bone

Midwest based composer, musician and producer.


Sitting here listening to The Wandering Wolf podcast episode with Glenn Howerton and realized that I haven’t done my January update yet. It’s funny how entertainment has started to feel like a time waster at home, even though it often ends up stirring up some sort of inspiration. Anyway, I’m trying to type between interesting parts. So, forget about it if some of this comes across as scattered. 

With the release of “The Mayor of Strawberry Hill - A Great Offer”, I started to fear that people thought I had completely turned my back on pop music. I’ll admit, it’s really freeing to do things that aren’t typical for me, and I hope to do a lot more music that pushes those boundaries, but I figured I’d go ahead and release a little pop tune as well. Stewing over the new year coming around, I wrote and recorded a little ditty and called it good. You can download it, or stream it below. If you decide to use your hard earned money to purchase that, or “A Great Offer”, your support goes to making more musics. That, my friends, is awesome. And a HUGE thank you to those that have bought it and allowed themselves to try out something that’s a bit different on my end. I’m forever grateful. Your encouragement doesn’t go unnoticed. 

I’ve spent the first half of the month making a point to go to more shows and re-aclimate myself with KC. It’s funny how being a touring musician sort of takes you out of the loop locally. It seems that people know I exist, but I’m still in a different circle than most. I’ve managed to team up with a few artists on their upcoming projects, so I’ll just have to let the work speak for itself. I will say that I’m very excited to devote 2015 to helping others make their music better. Not because I’m the only guy that’s capable of doing that, but because when I work on a project, that’s what I have every intention of doing. Trying to make it better the ways that I know how. Currently I have 5 projects that I’ll be working with during the winter, and hopefully a few more will come around. I have high hopes that this will be my most creative and fruitful year yet. 

Here's to all of us doing something awesome this year, and if you live around KC and we end up at the same gig, please come say hey! 

- Lennon