Lennon P. Bone

Midwest based composer, musician and producer.


With my series on Rediscovering Music giving you an idea of where my head has been over the last few months, I figured it was time to go ahead an announce my latest project, The Mayor of Strawberry Hill

All of the non-tonal audio (minus some bell tones) was taken throughout parts of Europe during our tour last year, and the music was either composed around it, or simply added to it to see what would come of it. I'm truly happy with the way it's turned out. 

As I've stated in previous posts, I've grown a strong dislike for pop music recently. Probably because it's been (and continues to be) a huge part of my business. I wanted to write something that could only be liked, or disliked… not picked apart because of a lack of form, hook or predictable nature. Hopefully I've achieved that, or at least taken a step in that direction. 

I hope that you'll listen to this piece with the same abandon that I wrote it. With a notion to discover something new. With the knowledge that there were times I went out on a limb simply to go there… because there are so many times we don't get to do that in our business. We have to hold back in order to make it marketable. What happened to writing things for ourselves without fear of rejection? What happened to wanting to have OUR OWN voice?  

I wanted these real moments that I experienced to live in a new way, and find a new life through other peoples ears. It's seldom that we get to think of our surroundings in that way. 

The video is from home video's of Europe in the late 1930's. There are moments where my audio is from the same place that the video was being shot over 70 years ago. I felt an identical draw to these movies. To give them new life in a way that the creator never expected them to be used, and I feel that each individual composition is part of the piece as a whole, so I wanted the video's to reflect that as well. Although you only see one video here, there will be similar video's for each piece, created from the same source material. 

Most of all, I didn't want to over think any of this. Bits of the piece and video's might show that, and that's completely okay. 

This project may have only been written for my own personal growth, but that doesn't mean that I don't want you to enjoy it. If you don't, that's more than acceptable. I do however, hope that if nothing else, it encourages you to go out on a limb once in a while… for nobody else but you. 

I'm not sure when I'll be releasing the entire project, but it's all wrapped and finished. If you enjoy the above piece, please feel free to pass it around and be on the look out for more information in the coming weeks. Thank you so much. 

With love.