Lennon P. Bone

Midwest based composer, musician and producer.


It would be an insult to baseball fans everywhere to put myself in the "fan" category, but the Royals are in the series, and I, like many others in my fair city, have become enthralled in the action. A baseball metaphor just seems appropriate... so, here goes. 

Sometimes life throws you a curveball or two. Sometimes you take a swing and it all works out, and sometimes you just go after it and have to wait for the next pitch. I'm still in the heat of my re-adjustment period after leaving the road. In so many ways it feels awesome to be home and rebuilding my life. In others, it's extremely terrifying. To just be me after so many years of being under one umbrella is a very humbling experience. I'm back to all of my faults, and just trying to find the right leg to stand on. If something screws up, there's nobody to blame but me, and I've been busting my ass to cover all of my bases. (Okay. I promise that'll be the last of the baseball metaphors.)

All of that being said, I'm feeling pretty damn good. I got to see my daughter take her first steps! And even though she's finally figuring out how to walk, she still loves to have me carry her around while pointing and telling me all kinds of things that I can't understand. Despite me not speaking her language, she is very intent to fill me in on all of her latest findings, and I love it. 

Business has been cruising along thus far. I've got 3 EP's and one record that I'm currently working on. Two of those I'm fully producing, engineering and mixing. Those two specifically are sounding good, and I'm finding myself learning a lot about who I am and how I work with others. It's made for a lot less time to work on my own music, but I'm learning to see these moments as collaborations, when they actually are, and figuring out how to place my voice amongst someone else's artwork. It's a delicate dance to take someone's songs and try to input your opinions and ideas. But when it works, it feels really really great. Trusting yourself in these situations is half the battle, when all you've done your whole life is be critical of anything that you've ever made. All in all I'm just trying to make people happy while doing something that also gives me joy. To still be making a living as a musician thus far feels like a huge victory. Here's to whatever's next. And at the risk of sounding like I'm fishing for work, (let's be real, we musicians are always fishing for work) if you've got a project that you need some help with, let me know. Odds are, I'd love to make some music with you. 

Amidst all of these things, I'm trying to work out a timeline for actually releasing the "Mayor of Strawberry Hill, A Great Offer" EP.  Although I've learned and re-vamped so much since I composed and recorded those tracks, they're still very important to me in a lot of ways. I feel like I still need to share them. More on that in the next installment, I'm sure. 

Thank you all for the many texts, emails, comments, etc. about my new ventures. I truly appreciate all of your support. We all just keep moving forward, hoping for the best. As Tom Petty said, "Do something you really like, and hopefully it pays the rent. As far as I'm concerned, that's success." 

Wishing everyone the very best.


Well, here I am with quite possibly the biggest news in a hot minute. As some of you may or may not know, I've decided to step down as the drummer for Ha Ha Tonka. I wrote a letter to everyone that we posted to the bands facebook page. There's not much more to say, so I figured I'd post it here as well. It reads as follows.


Most of you know that we (Ha Ha Tonka) have been at this for what will be 10 years this November. November 4th, to be exact, was the first day I joined the band back in 2004. I showed up to a stinky college house in Springfield, MO when a Boston terrier by the name of He-Man came running at me and proceeded to nip me in the arm as one Lucas Long told me to "Watch out, he'll bite your ass…" 

I had spent the last 4 years touring with a drum and bugle corps through the summers, and knew that I wanted touring to be a big part of my life for a while, so when Brian informed me that the guys were about to hit the road for the first time and needed a new drummer, I was sold. I moved in and we began writing and recording our first album, and from then on, it was one foot in front of the other down a rabbit hole that took us on one wild and amazing ride.

As rides and life tend to do, ten years later life has changed for me, and I have made the decision to step down as the drummer for Ha Ha Tonka.

I know... This is going to be the age old story of babies breaking up bands, but not long ago I was brought a little gal who, though she’s not yet good at it, intends to call me dad. This has brought a whole new level of expectation for myself not only as a musician, but as a person. Those of you who are parents will understand what I mean. Those of you who aren't, please let me tell you…for me, this is the BEST type of expectation. Given the family life that I was brought up in, I know that this is the right thing for me, to be here now for my family, and for me.

For the past ten years I've lived some of the most fun times of my life. I've seen (quite literally) the world with 3 dudes that have become my brothers. We've loved each other and hated each other, but we’ve always given everything we had to the next experience. I have stories that I'll tell over beers for a lifetime to come. I love these guys more than they'll ever know… and will never take for granted how lucky I've been to be a part of this group. Brian, Brett and Luke… thank you. Thank you for letting me a part of such an amazing thing. I love you guys. 

Everyone should know that there isn't one drop of bad blood that exists in this situation. Yeah.. it's going to be strange seeing someone else helping drive the ship, but I know in my heart that this is the right thing for right now. I'll still be at shows, and we've left all ends open. Knowing the relationship we all have, we don't want to rule out coming together again.

I also want to thank YOU all. The whole lot of you. If you're reading this and have ever supported our band, THANK YOU. Despite what the music industry has become, we've always been able to do so many things that many other bands have not, and will never have the opportunity to do… because of you. Despite the statistics on concert attendance and record sales, labels folding and bands who can't afford to do it, you, our fans, have helped us along. You’ve payed for our van when we busted a head gasket. You've come to shows over and over again. You've bought our albums. You've come up and shared your stories with us. You've brought your friends and your kids to see us. You've housed us. You've partied with us. 

You've become our friends. 

All I can ask of you is that you continue your support. Not just for Ha Ha Tonka, but for all the artists and bands you love. You are all amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

As for me personally, music is the only thing that I’m decent at, and though I'm giving up the road for now, I will continue striving to be a professional in the music industry no matter what, and I plan to teach my little girl to always go after the things she loves as well.

So, that's kind of that… 

As I will not be at the shows in October, we knew this would be the best time to let you all know what is happening, out of respect for your loyalty and friendship. If you're a midwesterner, please come out to our annual Thanksgiving shows, as those will be my last big hurrah with you and the guys. I'm sure it'll be an emotional weekend, but one that I look forward to. If you see me around there or elsewhere, don't hesitate to come say hey.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. 

Thank you all as always for checking in, and for your support. 


I had the privilege of playing drums on this new Hidden Pictures EP, via the track “Moving Out”. A big thanks to Richard Gintowt for allowing me to be involved in this project. We cut some other tracks that should be released in the not-so-distant future… so I’ll do my best to keep you up to date! In the meantime, grab yourself a copy. 


I released a new EP! It’s streaming below. Buying it helps me make more music, but streaming and sharing it still warms my heart. Trust me… I can FEEL it when you hit that play button.